Saturday, January 7, 2017

What I'll be reading in 2017 | Lifestyle

Reading is something I would love to do more this year as it's been proven to help all sorts of things, but most importantly, a time to relax and get away from the world. Last year my job didn't really allow me to have much time other than school holidays to read, so hoping this year with a new job will allow more reading time. Of course I'll try to read more than this collection, but these are my latest buys and books I was gifted as Christmas presents. 

I treated myself to book one and two of 1Q84 in the latter part of last year (still feels weird saying that) so have only just started it. So far, I love it and it's written in a really cool way and is constantly chopping and changing the focus on the characters and storylines so really does keep you on your toes. Opening book three on Christmas day was a lovely surprise and is making me want to read the first two asap but, its a huge book so will take me ages as I'm a super slow reader....... pass the endless amount of coffee and blankets to aid this reading session.

A book I really wasn't expecting to open this Christmas was The Million Dollar Blog. I have seen this book online before, either Instagram or Twitter and have always been intrigued. There's sections inside to allow you to write your blog goals etc in so will probably have this as a ongoing this alongside my proper reading book. 

For the past few years I've received a book created by one of my fav Bloggers/YouTubers so was over the moon the be given the PixiWoo book, Face. A makeup duo that I've followed for years and years (and can remember applying for the dailymix comps over and over) and duo lovely women that have taught me a lot when it comes to make up. This is most certainly going to take pride of place next to my Lisa Eldridge Face Paint  and my Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes  books as my collection of beauty bibles. 

Of course I'll be reading Blogosphere magazine, which is a magazine for bloggers, by bloggers. Always full of interesting and advice giving articles from people you follow and respect within the industry. I always join in the Blogosphere chats on Sundays, which they share a selection of tweets from, and it's always so exciting to see your little Twitter profile picture there *giggles. It is a little dream/2017 goal of mine to get in the magazine somehow as I thoroughly enjoy and support the company since the beginning and when you really believe in something, you want to give back right?

I'd love to know what you'll be reading this year!



  1. I'm hoping to do more reading this year too. I haven't heard of The Million Dollar Blog book before but it sounds intriguing x

    1. Yeah that's what I thought! You can get it on Amazon cheap I think xo

  2. Ive got about 8 books I want to get through! I've made a target of trying to get though at least one book a month :) I like the look of the million dollar blog book, that would come in handy!

    Isobel x

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    1. I find it so hard to allocate time to read. I find when I'm in the bath the best time. I know! I can't wait to read that ! xo

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  4. I love reading too and Murakami books are on my to read list, so you may have just convinced me to go out and get them. There's just nothing better than a cup of hot drink, a cozy blanket and a good book (or Blogosphere mag).

    Here's a tip, Blogosphere is running their first blog awards this year and nominations open in March. You can nominate your own blog too and if you're shortlisted, your goal of getting into the magazine will be achieved ☺️

    Maya |

    1. Thanks for the heads up about blogosphere mag! When and where will I hear about this?

      Yes his books are great. They are taking me a while to get through but I'm really liking them xo