Friday, August 5, 2016

Spice up your nails with Nailbox

Are you lazy with looking after your nails and are endlessly using the same polish over and over again? Then this is a monthly subscription box for you. Having been an avid nail polisher and a manicure sucker for years, I like to think I take care of my nails and follow substantial routines to ensure they are in the best condition. There are, however, other steps and products I'm yet to use, and that's where Nailbox comes in.

The first products out of the Nailbox are these polishes. Two being some of my most loved nail looks, pastel ones, and am also a sucker for just all white nails. It's a massive trend! You see it all over Instagram and Pinterest and honestly, I could be very happy to just use white all day every day, summer and winter. Both of the Nails inc and angelica polishes in this box I've used a few times already after receiving my box as they are perfect summer colours. I find that the nails inc polish wins in terms of longevity and only requires you to apply two coats, where as the angelica one needs three thin coats.

I've been testing out the True Brit nail enamel polishe since the day the box fell through my letterbox and it needed a separate paragraph all to itself, as it's so flippin good. It really hardens my nails which is great as mine aren't the strongest at all. After doing a comparison and wearing a coat of this on one hand, and the other without, the nails with the coating were substantially stronger and harder to touch and no breaking occurred throughout a week unlike the hand without. So thumbs up from me! This is a hybrid polish and is a normal nail colour however like it alone and as an underneath strengthener. Basically a two in one product. Win!

I've always been a Sally Hansen cuticle remover gal and have sworn by it for years, using it at least once every two weeks. Because I'd been so stuck in my ways, it was really nice to try the Nailberry balm as it's a different style of product for this tedious job and just helped to switch it up a bit. I rubbed it into my nail bed which softened up the cuticle to allow me to push it back and remove it (gross). I washed my hands after to make sure there wasn't any left before painting them and the result was great. It worked quickly at softening the cuticle and wasn't that time consuming like some of them that you need to wait 10 minutes to break it down. And the handy pot is great for traveling!

Something I've never really been into has been nail wraps. I instantly think more time, more hassle and I just honestly can't be bothered (when I think of the time it'll take to do both of your hands). But never thought of doing it for just one finger on each hand before, creating an accent / signature nail. Its a good idea to spice up your regular nail look, especially if you're someone like me who sticks to what they know and love all too much. I'm really into anything dalmatian print at the moment, so this jamberry wrap will definitely be used and I'm thinking as an accent with white or nude.

If you're a big fan of everything nails, then this is definitely the monthly subscription box for you. Containing full sized products as well as samples I really feel its worth the £13.50 a month with free postage (sign up here). The toe separators and the nail wraps were the only things I'm not big on, but will definitely give them a go anyway. That's whats good about monthly boxes, it gets you to try out products you wouldn't normally go for.

Have you tried this box before or any products inside the July one? Is this something you would like to try?


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