Friday, June 10, 2016

Restyling my gadgets with CaseApp

Keeping up to date with makeup trends and fashion trends is one thing, but keeping your gadgets looking good is another to add to your list of things to think about. I feel that at times I forget about the exterior of my laptop and phone, even though I use them everyday! Seems crazy really, but when I think about it, I'm only ever really interested in what's on the screen and not the outside and can plod along with the same case for months on end. With this in mind it was the perfect time for CaseApp to get in touch with me, as both my phone and laptop needed a little TLC and bringing into one of the biggest 2016 trend....marble.

It was so incredibly easy to create my own design and really liked the idea of having matching phone and laptop case. Having tried to stay away from overdoing the marble trend, I dived right in with this little project and am so happy I did. These two skins came out perfect and love the gold and blush pink together with the marble. 

Phone case - is of a pretty good quality and has quite a bit of plastic that comes above the actual phone screen which is brilliant if you drop it face down, as the case will be the first to make an impact with the floor, and not your phone. I went for the matte finish and love it! I'll update you if I regret it due to any marks that might appear and because of the matte effect and can't get them off. We'll see.

Laptop skin- for some reason I didn't realise until it was delivered that it would be a sticker for the outer of the laptop and not a hard case. Even though it is just a sticker, it's  thick and will definitely keep away scratches and any marks being made to the actual electronic product. It was easy to apply to the laptop, however, did take me a while due to my OCD and things being level and air bubbles etc *snore. 

The delivery from CaseApp was pretty fast and had no problems with the process or products at all. 

Have you thought about designing your own phone case or laptop skin before? What do you think of mine? 

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  1. These cases are so beautiful! I definitely need some to decorate my own gadgets! (I also thought I was the only one that calls my phone and laptop 'gadgets') - Great post! xx

    1. Thanks love! Haha yes I do call them gadgets. How old school of me. xo

  2. The design is so lovely :)

  3. OMG I want this design so bad, it's so up my street! Definitely will be thinking about using this site when I get my new iPhone next month!

    Isobel x

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    1. Oh thanks sweet. It took me a while as I just liked playing around on the site that much I couldn't settle for a final design for ages xo

  4. The design is gorgeous, i'm really into these kinds of patterns at the moment.


    1. Thanks so much. It took me so long as I just couldn't make up my mind xo