Friday, May 13, 2016

Thoughts on concealing and my go to product right now

Concealing isn't for everyone, and I'm not one who does it every day. But when you've had a few too many late nights working or playing the only thing that can help disguise those bags or blemishes is a concealer and great application.

Now we're experiencing nicer weather in the UK I'm reaching for my Maybelline Better Skin concealer which is just fab. If I apply it with my finger and dab it into the skin, it leaves a natural finish and stays around for hours and hours. I find I can use it both blemishes and under my eyes, which is a dream.

Some days I really don't feel the need to conceal and definitely see a difference in my skin when I drink more water, sleep more and I just use the concealer to hide any  blemishes I have.

What are your thoughts on concealing? And what's your go to concealer right now?



  1. I on a daily basis where I go to school I wear nothing apart from moisturiser. However when I do my makeup, I do use concealer because it makes my skin look better :) Great post! Xx

    1. Thank you! I onl wear it to conceal blemishes to even out my skin and sometimes just wear that and no foundation xo

  2. I wear concealer everyday unless I'm just working in the house then I just have a fresh face. The one I've used for so long is the collection 16hr long lasting concealer which has always been my fave, but I'm slowly branching out trying new ones. I've recently bought one from Seventeen that I'm waiting to try out. I also need to sleep better and drink more as I need to get rid of these under eye bags!

    Isobel x

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    1. Thanks for reading! I've used the Collection one for a while now too but honestly feel I enjoy using the Maybelline one more. I'll add the Seventeen one to my list xo