Friday, January 22, 2016

Products that don't let me down

Some products we go back to time and time again, knowing full well they will do the job we wish of them and do it well. Over the last few months I've added to that 'fail safe' list and thought I'd share those with you, and maybe inspire you to shake up your trusty go to items. 

In the order I apply them:

The Diorskin nude BB Creme is a lovely base and find myself choosing to wear this during the day and evening as its just so nice. The consistency is quite thick and feels more like a foundation than a tint so when its applied to the face, feels smooth and just glides onto the skin. Some days when I'm strapped for time slap this on my face with my fingers which works brilliantly. It manages to stick around for the majority of the day and when set with power can hang around for quite a while. 

When I want to add some colour to the cheeks, my eyes head straight to my Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic in 'Love is the Drug' and is a product that I'll never forget I own. Combining both a swirl option and a pop option you're able to use this for a more natural look or a quite bold look. Beautiful shade that really is pretty, especially on skin tones like mine which are incredibly pale. To go alongside blusher, I've been loving the Benefit 'Watts Up!'. Being a cream to powder formula and being applied in a stick makes it a great travel friendly item. It gives off a soft champagne glow and really does make your skin look healthy and glowing without the over the top sparkle you can sometimes get. 

I've never really been a huge fan of eye pencils, but since getting the 'Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen' I've really gotten into smoking up my eye looks. As the name suggests, it's incredibly silky and the product is so soft it's ridiculously easy to smudge out. I smudge the liner out by using the Body Shop cotton buds which are by far my favourite cotton buds ever. Sounds sad I know but these are just so handy as they have the two ended (one pointy and one flat) thing going on. I always have back up boxes as I go through them at a silly rate. Now I'm going to sound like a broken record here but Benefits They're Real is THE greatest mascara I've ever used, ever! Holds a curl, doesn't flake and its super black. I have quite a few travel sized ones which come everywhere with me in my handbag for days when I need a top up or didn't put any on in the morning. It works incredibly well even with un-curled lashes. 

Now, as a lipstick addict I have a few trusty products that I know will do the job right. I will always carry these with me and couldn't not have these in my collection. The Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector is a great wash of colour and gloss that's not sticky and gloopy. Looks very natural and does wonders in making your lips look bigger. Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Ballet is such a pretty pink colour that can compliment any skin tone. Easy to apply and comes in this small travel size so its very handy and literally doesn't budge once its on the lips. Lastly Mac Soar, THE cult lip liner (for good reasons) as its long lasting, great shade that's flattering on all, and the liner is soft and glides along the lips with ease. What more do you want from a lip product? 

I'd love to know what products you feel are your 'will never let me down' products. 

Do we share any of the same?