Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Addicted to beauty

"You have too much" or "Do you really need that" are said to me frequently and some see my hobby somewhat unnecessary. I can't go into town or any shop for that matter (including supermarkets) without taking a detour down the beauty isles. I'm drawn to it all and am addicted to trying as many products as I can. I can't describe it as anything other than an addiction to all things beauty. 

I have a Cath Kidston beauty travel bag which is always full of new products I'm yet to try. Once I've bought something I bring it home and they go straight into the bag. I slowly introduce a few items at a time into my main beauty draw and take pictures of the products and keep a note book close by. If I'm kindly sent products they're photographed immediately and over take items that I have bought myself as I always want to test PR samples out and upload my post in a good amount of time. 

Around two years ago now I took a year out of my blog having been swamped by teacher training and even then my passion didn't disappear. I would still continuously purchase the NEW products at the end of the Boots isle and visit the big department stores swatching high end beauty products I'd seen on blogs. I would sit in front of my mirror and play with my skincare and makeup trying different techniques or new products and still pass the time like that today. It got to a point where I felt I was going to explode having gone for so long without sharing my thoughts, excitements etc online. I get so excited about all aspects of beauty and could talk about it all day every day. I envy make up artists, dermatologists and full time beauty bloggers. Don't get me wrong I love teaching the youth of today but a major passion and part of me is beauty and anyone who knows me will vouch for that. I do hope that one day an opportunity will come along where my hobby can be taken to that next step. 

Do you think being addicted to beauty is a bad thing? 



  1. I get strongly criticised and quite often patronised about how much I love beauty too, so many people see it as a waste of money or too superficial but I don't think it can ever be a bad thing to be really passionate about something! It's such an amazing and interesting industry which is forever growing and it helped me massively with building my confidence and self esteem :) I'm so pleased and grateful to be a part of blogging and be able to share my interest with like minded people who do understand the need for yet another lipstick purchase ;)
    Love Holly x


    1. Thank you for such a great comment! And yes I do understand the need for another lipstick ;) Thanks love xo

  2. Every woman needs one of them big make up bags i love your post and your blog. My boyfriend complains when i wear make up he trana give me that YOUR NATURALLY PRETTY U DONT NEED MAKE UP speech. lol shut up. Make up gives me more confidence, makes us look more presentive. Thank you for sharing this with us hun.
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    1. Exactly! We wear because we like it and I have to agree I wear it for a little more confidence. Bless the boyfriends :) Thanks for a lovely comment sweetie xo