Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sunday round up -14 -

They longest day of year has passed and now we're officially in summer. I for one am a winter lover but obviously appreciate the sunshine and the festival season. For us teachers we're so close to summer (3 weeks and counting) and can't wait to go and do things in my break, including a holiday. Recently I was contacted for what sounds like such an awesome event and can't go because of work and was truly gutted and am hoping for other opportunities to fall in summer break. I'm also really interested in a bit of a bloggers meet up in London so if you know of any please comment below.

Anyway onto what I did last week......

1- A Tray of Empties that have been lurking in the back of my bathroom cabinet waiting to be thrown out. Tony doesn't get it and always shouting "why do we have so many empty things in ere?". This lovely group of empties consist of quite a few holy grail products of mine. Check out the post for more detail.

2- Stop the Yulin festival petition was all over social media and made me cry just reading out it, I couldn't bring myself to look at any images or videos. As an avid animal lover I was straight onto the internet faster than you can say woof and signed the petition. I had never heard of it before and was so shocked that something like this is an actual thing.

3- Cafe des Amis is the best place in Canterbury for mexican food and good enough for Orlando Bloom who is a regular in there when visiting his parents. It has such a lively authentic vibe which Tequila everywhere. A great place if you want tasty mexican and can't recommend the fajitas enough. For the intolerant of us they are good for catering for gluten free and are fast and passing over an allergy menu. Some would say it's on the pricy side but this doesn't bother me when its good quality food. 

4- A little treat from Birchbox was waiting for me last week sometime and really did cheer me up. I've used the bliss products a couple of times so far and a post will be up this week! I love a good pamper and without giving much away these eye gels are amaze (I could go one but I'll save it for a detailed post). Am so grateful to the lovelies over at Birchbox for giving me a reason to pamper, and lets face it us girlies like a pamper. 

5- Summertime nails are in and my dark berry red polish is back in the box (wipes tears away) and the pastels are out. I do think that Essie do some of the prettiest pastel colours in the drug store and have my eye on one in particular thats new. I am partial to a coral in the summer and tend to bust it out whilst on holiday as it helps to give the illusion of a darker tan, which in my case is a lobster red tan. 

6- Yoga on a Wednesday night is something I very much look forward to. Hump day is always a busy one for me as my timetable is chocker and barely have time to pee, so by the time I get to Yoga I'm ready for complete relaxation. I've recently put up a post all about my Yoga journey (click HERE). 

7- Whistles cracked silver clutch is my new out out sidekick. Being my third Whistles clutch I feel I have a slight addiction to them. Good quality, a fab range of colours and practical these clutches are a girls best friend. I'm that friend that has anything and everything in their bag, prepared for any disaster and have been known for carrying my umbrella in a medium sized Whistles clutch. If you don't have one....what are you waiting for?

8- My healthy food hot spot (Kitch) serves the tastiest avocado on toast I've ever had.....ever! They serve fresh, homemade food with no refined sugar full of goodness. If you go you must try out their veg juice, it's just so scrummy. Being one of those annoying people that can't eat much (sister being another of those people) this place is great as it caters for GF/DF/Vegan/NF the lot. The staff are very friendly and happiness is everywhere. The only slight downfall is the wait for the food but its only a small place with only a couple of chefs. All you have to do is have a yummy juice and a bit of a natter and tahdah your food will be in front of you. 

9- A mugshot to just say hi to all my lovely new followers and the even lovelier followers who have stuck by my side for ages. I love you all!

Hope you've had a lovely week


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