Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A few products I've loved in March

The month of March has been a great one for discovering new products and also having to rediscover products in my stash due to spending out on a whole new bathroom (the joys of adulthood). A nice little group for this monthly favs.

Benefit They're Real-* Is becoming a new mascara favourite. Since getting this sample I have not stopped using it. Every single lash is coated and holds a nice curl. I still curl my lashes as they are stubborn however with good naturally curled lashes this could be the one mascara for you. It's relatively easy to take off at the end of the day and lasts for hours. Such a great overall product.

iPhone 6- Apple- Having only had this for a few days its definitely the product that has made it to a favourites this quickly. I've had a Samsung for two years so going back to a iPhone is so nice. The apps you can get, the simplicity of using it, and also the camera for instagram is epic!

Clarins instant natural light lip perfecters-£18- I enjoy using this product more and more every day. Makes my lips look and feel super smooth and full. I have the shade 05 which gives a pretty subtle pink tint to the lips. Not too glossy but has some sheen. It stays in my handbag now and really does come in handy for those lack of spare time to get ready dates. 

Dry shampoo- CoLab- £1.99- Number one, it's a miniature. Number two, who doesn't need dry shampoo in their life? CoLab London is my ultimate dry shampoo brand because its so light weight you can't ever feel like it's in your hair. It doesn't come out white so its just your hair but even more dry and  stiff.

Seche vite- £9.99- If you need a seriously good top coat then look no further as this is THE best I have ever tried and can hand on heart say I'm not bothered in trying out new top coats because its that good. Your nails are dry in like 5 minutes not even that and dry to the point you can pick things up, touch them and so on. 

There's quite a few other products I've enjoyed using however didn't feel strong enough to include them in a favourites.

Hope your having a lovely hump day!


  1. I dislike the Benefit mascara and the lip thingie, but the Top Coat is a firm favorite of mine.
    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Oh really! You know I have heard mixed reviews from people. I think Seche Vite is the best top coat there is and can't find one that betters it. Xo