Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday round up - 11 -

It's such a shame that this post has to be done early this weekend as my weekend is a good one, but you will see that next Sunday. This week has been another tough one at work and as it gets closer to the end of term I feel my energy levels really dropping, but the end is in sight! It's been a good blogging week and have been super organised and had about 6 posts scheduled. Love being head of the game.

1- Monday miniatures post was a hit with you guys which made me so happy as I am such a sucker for anything tiny and was hoping for others support on this addiction.
2- Nabbed this Ciate polish in Knickerbocker glory from TKMaxx the other day and boy am I glad I got it. Such a nice pinky red and matches my water bottle....loser.
3- Such a hard decision figuring out what LUSH bath product to use as they are all so good.
4- Dreaming of Paris and how I would love to go back sometime soon. Such a lovely picture.
5- Sharing my desk essentials with you. Obviously Costa coffee is one. 
6- Selfie from last weekend wearing my new Mac lip liner in Beet. Love this shade so much and has the lasting power of extra hold hairspray!! 
7- Feeling the exhaustion with school now and longing for easter holidays.
8- Re-discovering my love affair with the Loreal Nude Magique foundation, post here
9- The Look Fantastic box was delivered to work for my friend the other day which included some great products. I'm really thinking about joining another beauty box, but what one? 
10- Loving crumpets, egg and ham recently. Such a nice light lunch. 
11- This mug was a birthday present and a bloody good one. Trying to send myself positive vibes before leaving for work. 
12- My ASOS wishlist went up Friday as most people have just been paid and I know when this happens I create a wish list and heres mine. 

Hope your weekend has been lovely and if you fancy being nosy, head over to my instagram to see what my fun weekend has looked like :)


Thursday, March 26, 2015

ASOS Fashion Friday wants

I am still grasping onto some birthday money as I am really stuck on what to buy. Having a lot of fashion on my list and in desperate need of clothes that fit me, I feel clothes are the most sensible items to purchase with this money. I thought it would be nice to share with you guys what I currently have on my wishlist and see what your fav pick are. 

Would love to hear below what items you like the most, or the items you might also be purchasing.

Your Eyes Lie ripped jeans £38.00 Yoga now, Wine later £25.00 , Mango wide leg culottes £39.99 , Boyfriend sweat £20.00 Oversized scarf £18.00 , Weekday blouse £35.00 , Cold shoulder cami £18.00 Palma pointed heels £30.00, Crepe duster jacket £60.00

Much love and thanks!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Re-discovering Loreal Nude Magique Foundation

Having been very obsessed with several different base products for a good few months now, some of my trusty friends had been forgotten about. Whilst digging through my base collection I came across the Loreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint foundation £9.99, and the love affair reignited.

The thing that caught my eye about this when I originally bought it was the fact it claimed it was a 'Fresh Feel' and 'Weightless Bare' foundation. This always does the trick to catch my eye as I'm such a lover of anything I can apply and feel natural. 

The consistency is very watery and runny and annoyingly has just an open circle instead of a pump so its a bit tricky to get the correct amount out without dripping it or completely covering your brush with it. It has a slight oily feel off the skin an on and did put me off at first however isn't actually an issue with my oily sections. It's so easy to apply and is a pretty fast application. It sinks into the skin to create a look that is your skin but a little better. When I've just applied it, it does feel slightly greasy *stemming from the oily consistency and to get rid of I just apply a light dusting of powder. The lasting power of this product is great and even though I instantly thought that it would just slip off my skin, it hung around four hours until just before bed I went ahead with my evening routine *HERE and there is was, still on my face. I find on my skin that it does allow the natural oils to come out however still keeps the coverage you want. There is one issue I have with this product and that is spots! The day after using this I find I get a few under the skin spots which don't ever fully reveal themselves but stay under the skin for a while. This makes me sad as I do really enjoy wearing this but have to limit the amount of times I use it.

Overall I have much love for this Loreal foundation. Great price, easily available, good colour match and great lasting.

Are you a fan of light weight bases? Have you tried this or have any to recommend?

Thanks for reading

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday miniatures

There's something about miniature/travel sized products that make you think 'oh yeah that's handy for...sometime when I'll need it', to which I am a huge sucker for.  Nowadays lots of brands sell well known items but half the size, and in my opinion Benefit have some of the cutest miniatures which just draw me in as they are too cute to pass up.

As we all know Benefits packaging is what tops them off as a brand. Your never disappointed with what it looks like and lets face it, packaging is something we notice and take into consideration. So pretty, sleek and girly it's right up any beauty lovers alley. 

Do we really need the same products but in a smaller size? - probably not, but it can come in handy for the times when you have a small bag or are going on holiday. 

Is it a necessity? - probably not but again, comes in handy. 

Are we just being greedy? Maybe not greedy but organised? *says this with a taken-aback tone.

Are you addicted to miniatures too? Whats your favourite?
Happy monday :)


* All products featured were gifted to me at an event featured in a post linked HERE.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday round up - 10 -

Nearly the end of March and things are getting a bit brighter which always brings a smile on my face. The past week has felt like a blur as work has been crazy, however the Easter holidays are coming up and I'm thinking of blogging everyday again like last half term... what do you think? 

So my week in pictures:

1- Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in the shade 05 has been in my bag all week and thought what a better time to upload a post on it HERE. Not being a huge fan of lipgloss I was quite apprehensive to try this out. I was pleasantly surprised however not overly wowed. I'm going to try and persist and see if the love for this is a grower.

2- Flicking through my first In Style mag for ages and came across this awesome eyeliner look. So strong and bold, would look great along with an all black outfit and killer heels. It's on my list of things to try.

3- This is exactly how I felt this week. And the fact its a pug is just super cute. Hands up who loves pugs!!! *memememe

4- After a conversation with a friend about how much stuff I carry around in my bag on a day to day basis, I was thinking about the items I take around with me that really do come in handy. So naturally a post was born and I shared the group of miniatures that are worth lugging around. Post linked HERE.

5- Totally lusting over these Celine winkle pickers. Obviously way out of my price range so after searching endless websites I spotted these Mango ones which I AM going to purchase! Hoary for the high street. 

6- Recently I feel due to a crazy amount of fatigue I've been a tad addicted to Costa coffee as we have one at work. Pretty sure it's a phycological thing as I get decaf anyway but its cappuccino after cappuccino.

7- In a rush the other morning I delved into my base stash and realised I had a new bottle of this Loreal nude foundation. As I hadn't used it for so long I'd forgotten all about what it's like. It goes onto the skin so nice and silky smooth and really does last all day. Having sung its praises I broke out the following day.....hmmmm. A blog post on it will be up next week.

8- I need this in my house. You can't beat Moet on tap.

9- Haven't posted a picture of the little rascal for a while so thought I'd share his 'It's Friday' face. rI'm such a cat lady its unreal. 

10- Instagram has been filled to the brim with plaits and I have to say I jumped on the band wagon. I love an inside out plait like this one for work and lazy days as its quick, easy and looks like you've put in a bit of an effort. Really want to visit the Braid Bar
so they can do a much more advanced plait.

11- Another picture featuring a Costa but also a couple of free period essentials. A freeform angle cake and a Lipstick Queen lippy in Saint. What else would you want?

12- Suns out - Ray-Bans out. They're not my Ray-Bans but my boyfriends. I love these so much more than my Wayfarers. A cheeky summer purchase in the pipeline? 

Hope you're hsving a lovely weekend! Remember to follow me on social media, links to the right.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfecters

Being so popular with countless bloggers all over the internet this has become such a cult Clarins lip product. Having six shades in the collection they most definitely have one for everybody. They can be worn on their own or as a prep on your lips which is super handy. The colour pay off is very sheer but gives off enough colour that allows your shade to be seen. 

What do I think?:
Not being a fan of lip glosses I was a little apprehensive as to whether I would actually enjoy and get on with using it. To my surprise it isn't thick and gloopy like the standard gloss I've tried. It's quite sheer and light on the lips and gives such a lovely sheer colour that just looks kinda natural. Clarins claim that these make your lips look smooth, soft, plump and fuller-looking. I have to agree that my lips did look smooth and fuller than normal however on me it didn't last for long. Lasting all of an hour I had to re-apply the product a few times whilst being out. This is understandable as its a gloss and isn't something that is long lasting. 

Over all I do like this product for a natural sheen on the lips. Personally I don't really understand the crazy hype over it but I guess thats because I'm a lipstick lover and not so much gloss. Having said this it is going to be something I leave in my bag along with the rest of the lip products I seem to carry around everyday, as its such an easy to wear shade that you can just slap it on in those times when you need a lip pick me up. 

Happy friday guys

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My emergency handbag essentials

Being a bit of an organisation, bag swapping, OCD lass I have a few beauty bags within my one big handbag. These are the products I need through out the day. When I have chapped lips, dry skin, feel ill or have a spontaneous sleep over.

Sudocream *pr sample- This is great for chucking in your handbag and such a versatile product. I use it mostly on my knuckles as I have quite bad dermatitis which can get quite sore. It's hard to squeeze the product out of the tube but once you get it out and rub it in its all worth it. On bad days when my knuckles are flakey, this really helps to smooth it out and also calm down the redness and soreness.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir- £11.50-  I feel this has feature in too many posts recently but it really does deserve the hype. What's good for Victoria Beckham is good for anybody and she is a big fan of this product. I use this when I feel a bit greasy and sweaty after a long day at work or even to just refresh my make up if I'm going out straight after work.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream- £22.10 for 50ml-  A little bit of a miracle. I mostly use this on my lips when they need some love and attention. It's super thick and has a bit of a funny smell but everyone looks past that as it does such a good job. It's a great prep for lipstick as it soaks into your lips well and prevents cracks and build up in the dry skin.

This Works Sleep Balm- £12- I know this is for bed time however sometimes when I feel a little anxious or stressed I apply this to my wrists, rub it in and rub around my ears and under my chin. Smelling this lovely relaxing lavender scent really does do the trick to transport me to my happy place. It's great to have it on me incase of an impromptu sleep over. 

So they were the products that I keep in my little Cath Kidston bag just incase. Do you carry any products like this with you?

Much love

Sunday, March 15, 2015

NARS Audacious lipstick in Grace

For those who know me know that I love a bold lip. Whether that's a red, pink, orange, pinky red I am there. When I opened this little beaut on my birthday from Tony I was instantly excited and speechless, I didn't know whether to take blog photos straight away so I could wear it that day. This is my first NARS lipstick and believe me won't be my last either. 

Grace is such a beautiful pinky coral colour and would suit so many skin tones.I love to wear this along with a peachy blushers and lashings of mascara....perfect. A full coverage lipstick from one glide and super soft and creamy formula which felt so luxe. The lasting power is crazy good and I've worn it from 9am-5pm before with no touch ups (including drinking and eating). The application of this lipstick is so easy there's no need to use a lip pencil. Even the packaging was luxe with its matte black exterior down to the magnetic close.

All in all this product is brilliant and I couldn't say enough great things about it. 

I am determined to extend my collection of NARS Audacious lipsticks very soon! Do you have any recommendations?


Sunday round up - 9 -

I haven't done a Sunday round up for what seems like months and knew that I had to get back into them today. My week has been good, loved the weather, had an exciting event to attend and spend a little money so all in all it was a golden one.

1- Bedtime is something I actually look forward to. A symptom of my illness is fatigue so generally I am excited to go to bed. My lovely sister got me the cat sleep mask for my birthday and have been loving using it along with my This Works products that help me to have a perfect night sleep.

2- As the sun is coming out and its starting to feel a bit more spring like. So because of this I embraced the brights and instead of a grey or a berry shade went for the orange Nails Inc NEON which I love so much. If your someone like me that lives in mostly black and grey clothing, adding a bright nail like this does wonders for your outfit.

3- Recently I've been really getting into my flavoured green tea. Because I can't drink milk or soya really I have almond milk which is lovely but most of the time I stick to herbal tea. Twinings do this great range of flavoured green teas which taste delicious. I have around 3 a day because they are that good. If your not a fan of normal green tea make sure you try this before you knock it as it honestly doesn't taste of regular green tea. 

4- An appointment with my specialist at the hospital means working from home and my everyday clothes. Loving these Nike New Balance trainers so much!!! Head over to my Instagram to check out my 'from where I stand' pictures where I tag all items. 

5- After pulling my eye mask off Wednesday morning I noticed how beautiful the sun rise was. I put no filter at all on this picture and its absolutely stunning. We have such a beautiful view from our bedroom and can't wait for summer to be here to see more beautiful sun moments. 

6- Having turned 27 at the beginning of the month I am verging on a big birthday and you may laugh but anti-wrinkle products have been in my consumption fro a good few years and am still using them religiously. I found this Caudalie set in a Fenwicks sale for a steal- Review and post HERE.

7-I was lucky enough to be invited to a Benefit and Birchbox event at the pop up 'Curls Best Friend' shop in Soho London. It was such a fab night and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Please see my post on this event HERE

8- After doing the social thing and mingling with other lovely bloggers, having some snacks, cocktails and demos we were able to have our hair or make up done by a specialist available in the shop. I was so impressed with my hair. I had to take it out before bed but was very tempted to sleep sitting up so I could wear it to work the next day. If you are going to a special party or anything and want your hair to be a show stopper, head to 'Curls best friend' before the end of the month!

9- I treated myself to a new MAC lip pencil in Beet. I had seen this used in a make up look that Nic from Pixiwoo had uploaded and fell in love with the colour. Such a nice true berry shade and looks lovely on its own or underneath a berry lipstick.

10- As it is mothers day this weekend I thought I would treat my parents to a home cooked meal at mine and Tonys. I was a little nervous as it was the first meal I had cooked for them since being in the house but luckily enough they like it. The more and more I look at our vintage sunburst clock the more I love it! Similar HERE

11- What a way to start a Saturday! A new In Style mag, caramel spread on toast and a decaf almond milk coffee... heaven. This was the calm before the storm as my pilates class was the hardest ever, sweaty betty. 

12- After a lovely Saturday myself and Tony sat down with a hot drink and put 24 on via Netflix. 6 episodes later and we finally peeled ourselves away from the sofa and dragged ourselves to bed. I hadn't stayed up that late for a long time so was shattered! 

To all you mothers out there I hope you have a lovely special day today!

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow

Friday, March 13, 2015

Benefit Curls Best friend #birchbloggers event

When I received an email inviting me to the Benefit Curls a Best Friend pop up store in Soho with Birchbox I instantly replied thank you and I'll be there. I'd heard so much about this pop up store I just had to go. The ground floor has a few tables where you can sit and have a drink with some music on and a nice atmosphere. The second floor has some brow bars, hair bars and a make up area where you can have any look created for you. The final floor was a cocktail bar with dimmed lighting, delicious cocktails and a place to sit and chill.

To start the evening we were greeted with a choice of any cocktail from the menu. I went for an evita spritz which was a sparkling elderflower cocktail and was so lovely and refreshing.  We had a good twenty minutes to mingle, chat and as bloggers do take pictures of everything. It was lovely having this time at the beginning to get to know some of the other ladies whilst sipping on scrummy cocktails. Oh so very sophisticated for a Wednesday evening when I'm normally snuggled in a blanket sipping on ginger tea in my hello kitty slippers. 

The lovely makeup artist that is Lisa Potter-Dixon who works fro benefit took us through three staple looks that have been created for all three of benefits oh so popular mascaras. *Click HERE for the looks and to get a hold of a sample. The first of the looks was 'Peach' and was created for the Roller lash mascara. A fresh and natural look where Hoola bronzer was used on the lips to create a nude lip. Yes ladies and gentlemen you heard me correctly, and yes it did look fab and I will be trying it pronto. The second was the 'Under smoke' look adapted from your normal smokey eye however taken underneath the bottom lash line. Bad girl mascara was used here to created really thick and voluminous lashes. The third and final look was 'Pantone Pick Me Up' which I have to say was my favourite out of the three. Mixing a lipstick and some benetint together it created this gorgeous cranberry colour all over the lids and blended it out. By adding the 'They're Real' mascara you were able to really flick out the corner lashes which finished the look.

Overall It was a lovely evening with Benefit and Birchbox where I was able to meet some lovely fellow bloggers, eat cupcakes that I shouldn't have eaten, drank cocktails and talked beauty and got my hair done by an awesome stylist. So thank you Benefit and Birchbox!

Do you like any of the looks? Have you or will you try any?

Much love

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Too young for anti-wrinkle products?

I've always wondered, what age is the right age to start using anti-wrinkle products. Is there a right age? Is it just when you start to notice lines appearing so dash out to get something that claims its anti-wrinkle and hope for the best. 

Whilst having a ganders around the sale stand in my local Fenwicks I spotted this lovely set for a great price of £24. Being a huge fan of the Caudalie beauty elixir so thought these would be worth it.

Having used these for a few weeks now I can honestly say that I am really enjoying them. The products have a little bit of a strange smell, but I look past that at all times. Out of the three products I use the serum in my skincare routine first. Being in a glass bottle and glass pipette it makes it feel very luxe. Quite a runny formula when compared to the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair however still smooths on with ease and leaves your skin feeling very smooth and soft. The serum apparently helps correct and defend your skin from daily exposure to UV rays and pollution and contains hyaluronic acid to help with a plumping effect. 

Moving then onto the eye cream which helps diminish dark circles and helps to smooth the area around the eyes and lips. I have to say, it felt very strange applying this around my lips as well as my eyes but I am suffering a lot less with dry skin around my lips since using this!

Last but not least the Broad Spectrum Fluid . They say that this is a multi use product and once applied to the skin it is instantly smoother and more filled out. I have to agree with this statement as my skin feels so great afterwards I just want to touch the smoothness over and over but have to stop myself. 

All in all this set has been lovely to try out and with not be swapping back to my normal Estee Lauder just yet as I am starting to notice more overall smoothness to my skin. I'm not saying its just these guys thats doing that, but I guess my skin is liking something.

Have you tried anything from Caudalie before? Do you use anti-wrinkle products? Whats your opinion on them?

Thanks for reading

Monday, March 9, 2015

Suns out, nails out

The sun is out and the weather is glorious and what better time to start cracking out the bright nails. I received this lovely set for my birthday and am already in love with the orange neon shade which I am sporting at the moment (see my instagram: @JPOPPY88).

I've always been a fan of Nails Inc with my favourite shade of all time being 'Porchester square'. The consistency of Nails Inc is pretty good and tend to last a while chip free, however can vary from colour to colour. The Neon shade in this collection is quite thin and requires 3 coats, but the red shade is quite thick and only requires 2 coats so is very hit and miss.

The special effects shade is gorgeous and is so glittery it really is special. I like to put a good thick top coat on top otherwise it can be a little rough. And by just wearing this shade on your ring finger gives a special look. 

All in all Nails Inc is a great brand and with collection packs like this, it can really help to brighten up your look as the sun is now showing its face.

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Face mask Friday - Bridesmaid prep

A wild Friday night in for me as per usual, however this Friday is a little special. I will be preparing for my cousins wedding which is on Saturday so my skin is having a good old pamper in preparation for a long day of a face of make up. I have a 'go to' group of masks that I go to when I know I need a good deep moisturising clean but something that doesn't have too much of an angry after effect on my skin.

I'll obviously start with a good cleanse to get my skin ready for a deep clean (Click HERE for evening skincare routine)

Starting with either the Aesop Parsley Seed masque , Una Brennan Super Facialist Anti Blemish Clay Mask the Liz Earl Intensive Nourishing Treatment mask which are very similar however tonight I will be going with the Aesop. This is purely because it does a great job with blemishes and has a very soothing and calming effect to my skin. Being a bridesmaid with a lovely shiny spot or super dry skin which will stand out in the family photos is not what I fancy having on Saturday. I know that using this helps to prevent these sorts of things from happening. After leaving the masque on for ten minutes and washing it off with a warm cloth makes my skin feel incredibly clean, tight and smooth.

I will follow this with the rest of my skincare routine, exfoliating toner, calming toner, serum, moisturiser and then go onto use my Origins overnight intensive mask. As this is made out of completely natural ingredients it's such a lovely hydrating product which allows your skin to get that hydration moisture which you leave on to soak overnight.

What sort of Friday night are you guys having? Will you be using any masks?

Love you guys!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Products Ioved in February

A new month and a new favourites post. A couple of these are old favourites however the rest are new this year or the end of last year and they've made such an impression that I had to feature them. So here it goes! 

Spotify: I've only started using this because of work really and for teaching dance it means that I can access so many different songs and not have to worry about buffering and all that, but for the last couple of months I have been loving it for personal use too. I think I've had the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack on repeat since I saw it in the cinema. It's been great to just search, not pay for it, not have to download it, and its yours in an instant. I am thinking of paying for it monthly which allows you to use spotify wherever you are without having to worry about wifi.....tempting....very tempting.

Bourjois Healthy Balance powder- £8.00:
I am still loving this powder! I can apply my make up in the morning and sweep a light dusting over my entire face to make everything set in place and it's still looking pretty good by the evening when I get home. I sometimes teach dance and even after a few lessons my face isn't as greasy as it normally is and doesn't clump on my skin at all. Trust me...such a great powder. 

Pixi Glow Tonic- £18.00:
I've already done a post of this exfoliating toner and can't stess enough what a difference it's made to my skin. My overall skin tone is actually pretty even for once, pigmentation has improved and hardly any breakouts and the feel of my skin is baby soft. You won't believe it until you try it and of course there are others similar, but for now this is being used everyday. 

Caudalie Beauty Elixir- £11.50:
On a trip to Brighton I make it a must to pop into the Space NK as its one of my favourites. The layout is nice, very helpful and friendly staff and it's located in my favourite town. I hadn't had this product for a month or so and saw it right by the till and decided to nab it without the boy seeing it being added to my basket. This is something that's just nice to have in your bag if you want a refresh, whether you feel a bit sick or whether you want to fix your make up this is just a great multi product you can rely on. I mostly use it for fixing my make up and refreshing through the day and it does a wonderful job. Light on the skin and has such a nice hit of fragrance, at £11.50 you might as well give it a go.

Maybelline Falsies Mascara- £7.99:
I must stress that my initial opinion on this mascara was the complete opposite to what it is now. I feel this mascara has changed my normal obsession with Loreal Telescopic into a more relaxed mascara obsession. There was a time when I refused to try other mascara as the Telescopic was the one for me *oh how I was wrong. After a few weeks of hating this mascara I was applying it one day when I realised that my eyelashes just looked awesome! Long,hold a curl, had great volume, no flakes, no transfer. I went on about my day from then till now using this product for the majority of days. It seems to have the same staying power as a waterproof however easier to take off. I am loving this so much. 

Clarins Face Self Tan- £20.00:
A while a go I was skeptic about this product, and whether it actually worked and went through quite a few months of leaving it at the back of the cupboard. However now I can safely say it does work and it is a lovely, hydrating way to lightly sun kiss your skin. I realised it actually worked by not tanning my face with my Bondi Sands and leaving it until I wash it off so I can see the difference between my face and body. The next night I then applied the Clarins all over my face, avoiding eye area and my eyebrows. You apply it just like any moisturiser and just leave it over night. By the morning my face looked pretty sun kissed, enough for it to not look ridiculous against my lightly tanned body. 

I haven't stopped using this at least once a week since December. Oh and the smell is to die for! Caramel wins everyone over.

Loreal Micellar Water- £4.99:
It was a nice surprise to have this in my stocking this christmas just gone. I hadn't used this micellar water for a while and completely forgot why I liked it. When comparing it to the Garnier micellar water it is incredibly similar. The Loreal one just does a better job at removing eye make up. The formula is different on the skin compared to the Garnier and just seems to break down make up quicker and with ease. I have loved getting back into this product and am still wanting to try Bioderma! *So late on the bandwagon...
Have you been loving any of these products? Let me know what your favourites are.

Much love!

Monday, March 2, 2015

My birthday face

First of all I must apologise for not doing a Sunday post this week. I fancied having a day off to really enjoy by birthday with my family, I'm sure you all understand.

So for todays post I felt like sharing my make up choices for my big 27. A look that was quick and easy *story of my make up life. It does include a new lipstick which Tony bought me and chose himself. What a keeper. So ... "whats on you face" I hear you cry!

Birthday #FOTD:

I started by using the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser as I wanted something very natural as I was just staying in at my parents house and didn't need something full coverage. I skipped things like highlighting and contouring and just swept some Mac Peaches over my cheeks for a bit of a fresh faced look.

I was feeling ever so lazy this morning and went for the easy option for my brows. Just an angled brush and some Mac Brun shadow and just set it with some Miss Sporty clear mascara. This is my fast option for brows and does end up quite a nice natural look.

Curling my eyelashes is something I could not live without, and for that job the Kevin Aucoin eyelash curlers do the trick perfectly. I know there is so much hype for the Shu Uemura ones however I love the KA ones and feel no need to swap. For shadow base I used the Laura Mercier eyeshadow cream and used Mac Mulch in the crease to add some definition. I have really tried to stick to using the Maybelline falsies mascara and am starting to love it.

To my surprise a present from Tony was a lipstick from Nars. This is my second Nars product ever so I was pretty excited when I opened it. The shade is called Grace and it's a pink/red and is just beautiful. Lovely creamy formula that has lasted virtually all day through drinking and eating (lots of it btw). Expect a write up soon. I'm totally obsessed with this lipstick already and would love some more suggestions if any of you have any.

All in all an effortless, fresh, quick, pretty make up look that is easy to re-create. Hope you all have a lovely day, see you Wednesday.

Happy Monday