Friday, January 2, 2015

Fashion Friday -1- Boots

If I'm not wearing Converse then I'm wearing Vans, story of my 2014 life. I had got into a habit of ditching all my other shoes and just wore trainers the whole time. It was time I changed my ways and my old shoes are going and new ones are coming in. Say hello to my new boot friends to see me through 2015 and beyond. 

Topshop Mine boots- £80-:
I've needed a new pair of nice high boots for a couple of years (since I bought my ambush boots) and hadn't found any that stepped up to the mark until these. The gold detailing brought my attention and lust for these as it gives them a bit of a luxe look, very designer esc. They may look high but I assure you when you have them on it doesn't feel high because of the slight wedge, and they are so light and comfy. I will be keeping these for occasions and evenings out as I don't do well with any heel that I have to wear for a long time. 

Russell and Bromley Berkley boots- £195-:
A nice flat pair of boots for those wondering around town days. I own quite a few pairs of R&B shoes and every pair you can put on for the first time and it feels like you've worn them for years. I wanted these boots as they are just a nice looking flat boot. Being tanned gives them a bit of a Robin Hood feel, which I quite like and love the lace up front. Like I said so comfy, look great with so many outfits, day and nighttime appropriate, last for years, WIN!

Are you a boot wearer? Do you like or have either of these?

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