Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday funday - My autumn staple and the countryside

Personally I love Sunday's, it's my favourite day of the week. The main reasons for this: Sunday roast! I have a nice lay in, spend ages doing my make up, food shopping and house work. But to round the day off me and my boyfriend travel to my parents for dinner in the countryside and relax in front of the tv. I haven't been well for a few weeks now which is not visible in the pictures but it will most certainly be a curl up in front of the tv kind evening.

When it starts to get a little colder I love a darker bronze toned eye with a subtle pop of colour on the cheeks and lips. I find bronze toned shadows make my green eyes pop and look brighter than normal. Now my hair is lighter I find that pink lipsticks (like the one pictured) are looking that little bit different with my skin tone and am really enjoying wearing pink instead of red.

The jacket I'm wearing is from COS and I bloody love it. It was this time last year when I bought it and fell in love instantly. It's such a perfect autumnal piece to have in my wardrobe as its warm but not too warm,  incorporates the mustard colour that Is always around at this time of year and is so effortlessly cool. I really enjoy clashing patterns as well and I find the easiest and safest way for me to do this is with scarfs as I kinda have a thing for scarfs. My favourite type of shoe is a boot, and as soon as the weather starts to change I find great pleasure getting my boot collection out from under the stairs.

Sorry for the blah post. I haven't been myself for a while as I am suffering with Post Viral Fatigue. After anything I do I am tired, I find myself napping frequently, lack of appetite and lots more. Hopefully I will be back to normal soon.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and a relaxing Sunday. I'll be back tomorrow with a beauty related post.
Much love

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