Monday, May 7, 2012

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards and Bank Holiday Monday Chit Chat

So I'm a bit late on all the Cosmopolitan Blog awards stuff but better late than never! I just think this is such a brilliant thing to do to show off those people who are dedicated to composing blog posts for the blogging world to enjoy and read. Ive nominated a hand full of ladies that I religiously go to their blog and read away and blogs that always interest me. These people should definitely be awarded because it is hard work to keep up Blogging. Making time to blog because a part of life and these people including myself enjoy everything about it. So please if you haven't already, go and vote! There are different categories which you can check out HERE and also ...... i know i haven't been around for long and certainly do not have as many followers as some but to even just be nominated by someone would mean the world to me. As I'm a teacher i really do not have enough time to blog as much as i would like to so i do apologise for not as many posts as i should really be publishing.  But if you would be so kind as to think about/nominate me i would be under the Best Newcomer and you can, 
vote here  ------> Vote for me . And good luck to everyone who enters or who has been entered.

Anyway onto Sunday chat from me. So this week i have discovered and re discovered products that really do excite me and will also have to be re purchased when i have to say good bye to them. The majority of these products are skin care and body care products so I'm thinking about doing an updated skin care and body care routine? Please let me know down below in the comments if your a fan of skin and body care and would like to see this post :) Also i have totally been addicted to Zara! I can't even begin to explain how much I have been loving this shop. Every time i walk through my local town i have to go in and this weekend i definitely purchased enough to last me ages and a Zara Haul will be going up in the next few days. One item of which is very popular in the blogging world....

Today is catching up on planning for work and going out for lunch with my boyfriend and a friend who we never get to see, so I'm looking forward to that a lot. Also Made In Chelsea is on tonight!! Woohoo i love it , just a little bit. Have a great Bank Holiday Monday everyone.

 Love to you all xoxo


  1. I love your blog sweets! Have totally just voted for you!!

    Hayley xox

    1. Oh thank you so much! It really does mean so much to me. Youve really made me smile xoxo

    2. Aww your welcome beaut!! :) Your blogs actually bookmarked in my iphone lol! im such a little saddo sometimes xox

  2. Oh that's amazing! Thanks lovely xoxo