Sunday, April 15, 2012

Laura Mercier: Metallic Creme Eye Colour


Hello beautiful people!
So i made i cheeky purchase of something i hadn't heard much about before. I actually went to the Laura Mercier stand to check out the mineral powder and started chatting to the lovely and very helpful lady and she showed me this (which i just HAD to get)...

To simplify, its a metallic creme shadow that when dry has the texture of what an eyeshadow powder has. Its quite thick and depending on how strong a colour you want, this is very build-able. I got the colour Platinum which is a champaign sort of colour. I chose this shade because I'm just a sucker for these shades for my eye lids. They are just so easy to wear on an everyday basis, or even in the evening with a crease colour added on top of it. When i apply this to my lids i smear it over the lid until i reach the intensity that i want, then allow it to dry with my eye closed for about 5-10 seconds and its done. I used this the day after i purchased it and it lasted well. I applied it at 9am and by around 4/5pm it had faded but could still see a slight shimmer still.

Over all i really like this product and it will most probably move its way into my daily make up routine as its just so easy to apply, and looks so pretty.
For £16.50 its quite steep, however i am very happy with it and you do get a hell of a lot of product in that tiny tube. 

Let me know if you've tried any of the shades in the creme shadow range, i would love to know your thoughts. And lastly thank you all for reading :) xoxo


  1. That such a beautiful colour :). Love the Laura Mercier packaging! X

    1. Yeah its a gorgeous colour :) I know what you mean, its really simple and recognisable xoxo