Thursday, March 22, 2012

Top 5 (6) Lipsticks

Picking my Top 5 Lipsticks was really hard as i love lipsticks so much and use a lot frequently, so I've added one that i couldn't go without mentioning :)

1: Mac, Creme Cup

This is my work lipstick. I wear it a lot and have nearly come to the end of it so will be re purchasing soon. Its lovely and creamy on the lips and as i am fair skinned gives a nice glaze of pale pink on my lips. It doesn't crack on my lips but makes them feel nice and soft. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to buy their first Mac Lipstick or something with a tad of colour to just brighten up your face. 

2: Sleek, Peaches and Cream

I love wearing this when using a peachy toned blusher as it makes me look so bright and healthy. It goes really nice with red/orange hair and just gives a lovely dab of colour that seems to really compliment my skin tone. I do find this lipstick a bit drying but i do exfoliate and apply lip balm before hand. This lipstick is easy to build and can become a nice bright colour.

3: Topshop, Innocent

This is a great dupe of Mac Please Me which is the sole reason i bought it in the first place as i love Please Me a lot. I do however find myself using this lipstick more than the Mac one. I find this has more staying power and if i apply in the morning it will still be on by lunchtime. It has quite a matte finish which i like but still manages to not crack. This is also great value for money. Day to day through the working week i have a hard job of choosing between this Topshop lipstick and Mac Creme Cup as they are very similar, but the Topshop one is more pigmented.

4: Collection 2000 Cream Puff, Cotton Candy

I have to say the Collection 200 Cream Puff range is amazing and i am a fan of all the shades but this is my most worn and have re purchased twice. Its quite a bright pink for me and when applied to my lips seems to look brighter than a swatch. It applies wet and creamy but when it is dry it turns matte which in itself is pretty amazing. I like wearing this in the evenings if i go anywhere or at the weekend. It has great staying power and will last a good couple of hours and for £1.99 its the biggest bargain out of my Top 6.

5: Elf Matte Lip Colour, Natural

I have quite a few matte lipsticks but very few stay looking nice without visible cracks over my lips. This was very cheap and the packaging has ruined the lipstick but it is usable still. I like to think of this colour as a my lips but better colour. Hence the name its a very natural muted pink which just makes my lips stand out a little bit more without putting too much colour onto them. A great one to keep in your bag just incase.

6: Lush Lip Tint, A Million Kisses

I had to add this into my Top lipsticks as i do love it so so much. I don't get to wear this much but if i do want a red lip this is what i will go for. Because its a lip tint it feels different on the lips as what a normal lipstick does. It stays for a whole day and does not budge. If the colour does wear off it never goes fully. My lips stay nice and soft when wearing this and it also smells gorgeous. I picked this up as i was paying for my other items. I noticed it and thought wow that colours amazing and i am so happy i picked it up. Whatever colour i would recommend you try any of the Lush lip tints :)

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  1. This has been very useful, in my last post I mentioned I just bought lipstick for the first time, and want to start collecting more, so this post helps alot :)

    Diana x

  2. I really these lipsticks, especially the lush lip tint and elf matte lip color! Thanks for the tips! :)

    1. Honestly that lush tip tint is amazing! The staying power is incredible

  3. the collection 2000 colour is so nice!
    really nice post

    1. Def go and check out the range! Some lovely colours :) xo