Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nailene False nails

So i've always been an acrylic girl, and when i feel like treating myself i go ahead and get my nails done. But the other day as i was roaming the beauty section of ASDA i started looking at packets of false nails and thought why don't i try some of these i mean they are so much cheaper than acrylics. So as i do i threw it in the trolley and thought nothing else of them really.


Oh my god i have fallen in love with these false nails (if that sort of thing can happen). 
They are so great, fit nicely onto my real nails, look so natural and also are really comfortable and affordable. I am so happy i spent around 5 pounds for these nails and will be buying more of them. 

On the box Nailene do recommend that you only wear them for 7 days which is a bummer but i guess i will take them off, give my nails a breather and just put some more on ?

( sorry for strange photo, was in bed really late at night with no make up on :s and wanted to get a post up about these..
please forgive me )

Link to the ones i got:

I would to hear what false nails you use and any recommendations you might have. Please comment below.

Much love

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