Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lush: Snow Fairy Wand

Hey! hope everyone is all good. I wanted to just share my thoughts about the Lush Snow Fairy Wand. I am a very big fan of Lush products and will try anything from there. I have re purchased the bottle of Snow Fairy over and over again so i thought why not try the wand. I purchased the wand on New years eve as Lush have a 50% off sale of their seasonal items.


Step One: Run your bath

Step Two: Swish it around the water and also hold it under the running tap

Step Three: Watch the water turn bubblegum pink and also candy floss smelling bubbles will appear :)

Overall the wand is quite a fun thing to use. It kind of made me feel all excited about having a bath. When you are in the bath the smell is amazing, its all around you and you smell delicious. The bubbles go quite quickly which i was sad about really.

This is great for ALL Snow Fairy Fans! Its something fun to use instead of using just normal bath liquids. Go buy it now before they all go!!!

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