Monday, April 15, 2019

Dreamland For Spring/Summer 2019 - Press Trip

*press trip
It's that time of year again, DREAMLAND is open for business! I get so many questions about Margate and DREAMLAND in particular, so why not do another post for you. 

As a South Kent girl through and through, this place has a special place in my heart. Full of nostalgia, and pride of what it's like now. 

You may or may know that I've actually created two blog posts already from DREAMLAND, but wanted to give you a little update on it. I also played around with my camera and a new setting so it's a bit of experimenting too haha. 

Shall we?

Lets get the disclaimer out the way if you didn't catch it in the top right corner. I was invited to the park on this day as press, so received a free wristband, food and drink tokens. I wasn't asked to create a blog post in any way, but I always like to as you guys like it and its such a fun place to photograph. 

Now on to DREAMLAND:

I can't describe how much fun I always have when I visit this place. On this day pictured, it was a grey and dull day (yay to this awesome camera setting), it was raining and super cold. But that didn't stop us! We hit up a few rides, sat indoors with a coffee and laughed A LOT. 

As cheesy as it sounds, this is the place for all the family to have an epic day out. You've got,rides, food and drink, roller skating, arcades, live music and so much more! They hold music events, screamfests for halloween and currently have a Festival takeover.

You might think I'm biased because I'm a local, but seriously this is such a fun place. Did I mention that its actually FREE to enter the park? Yep it's free. If you want more detail about wristbands, opening times and other awesome events they have on offer in the future, hit up the website as it's full of info.

Here are the Easter Opening Times: April 6th - 22nd - Every day 10am-6pm

Any questions about one of my fav places to visit in Kent, then gimme me comment on here, or follow me on Instagram and message me.

Speak soon peeps!

Monday, March 11, 2019

Backpacks Are Better In Colour | AD Fjallraven

AD-bag was gifted to be featured in post
Hello friends!

Yes it's been a while, and for that I apologise. Lots has been going on and I for one am happy to now be in February. From the horrid weather we had in Jan which was extra rubbish whenever I went to shoot. I'm finally getting settled into freelance life (and lovin it) and renovations with the house have started up again, so busy busy busy. 

Anyway, expect posts on a more regular basis around these parts, so please stay and be my blog friend! 

Backpacks remind me of school. The "geeky" kids and skaters used to use them the most from what I remember. The other little groups would either not use a bag, use a cross body bag or drawstring one (this totally gives away my age but I'm cool with that). I'm pretty sure I used an array of bags throughout my time, as a new school year wasn't the same without a new school bag. 

Now at 30 I'm still starting a new year with a new backpack. I started this year with a new Fjällräven Laptop bag in green (GIFTED), but instead of holding my school books and pencil case, my backpack now holds groceries, my laptop when I hunt out a nice coffee shop, water bottle, my camera and more! Making adulting and errand running a lot easier. 

In all honestly, I've never had a backpack that's as nice as this (and I'm being totally honest with you). The material is so hardwearing, and comes in so many colours that everyone could find one perfect for them. Since this bag arrived at my door, I recon I've used it 90% of the time because it's just great. I've taken it everywhere. It's come with me to supermarkets, London, Dunelm to buy new pillows (pictured below), and have to fit with the other half as to who gets to wear it. 

Small details really make this bag special. Well, to me I really appreciate the small things.  At the sides of the bag are small slots which fit an umbrella in perfectly, freeing up room in your bag. Game changer for sure! I also really like the small pop stud fastening that holds the carry straps together. Never have I seen this type of thing on a backpack but I love it. It's an extra safety precaution but also keeps the bag looking a bit neater. 

Is that a thing you ask? Yes, yes it is!

Since this bag entered my life, I've had my eyes on the mini bags and the boyf also wants his own one but maybe the size up. When he wear this size, he feels its too small for him. The arm straps aren't long enough for him and it sits quite high on his back. Just an FYI if you're thinking of purchasing this exact one for a guy. 

So, yes you've guessed it, I'm a huge fan of backpacks. If I had to choose a style of bag that I had to use for the rest of my life, a backpack would be it, and this Fjällräven would be the one. For the space and amount it can hold, the protection it gives to my laptop and the just overall coolness. Plus, the colour ranges they have is something I very much take my hat off to. So extensive!

Are you a backpack lover or hater? What colour Fjällräven would you choose? I've got my eye on the Kanken Clutch in collaboration with Acne. It's just GORGEOUS. 

Much love friends

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Current Cruelty Free Skincare & Lip care Gang | AD

*This post features an advertorial with P'URE Papaya Lips
Hi, hey, how are ya?

It's been a while I know, and I'm sorry. I needed some time to settle into freelance life (which, I'm loving btw), and just some time to get into the new swing of things you know. 

So anyway, that can be saved and chucked into a separate blog post (let me know if you fancy that). 

Over on Instagram I've been sharing the odd product here and there over the last few months regarding skincare, as my skin went super dry as soon as the seasons and weather changed. My skin was flaking it was that dry, and my lips were red raw and went without lipstick as I couldn't bare to put anything on them at all. Thankfully I ended up creating a nice little routine....more on that in a bit, and found some new must haves for hydrating and softening the skin and lips. 

Lets start from the bottom to the top ey? I like being awkward! And, before we get stuck in, these are all products I use on a rotation and not all at the same time. My skin enjoys it when it swap around products from time to time, so this is the group I'm reaching towards. 

'Hoarder of lip balms' should be in my bio somewhere as I seriously love them. Dry lips have always been an issue for me, but, not joke here. Since the first time I used this product back in October to now my lips haven't been dry and chapped. I've been very regimented with my use of the Pure Papaya Lips, applying it morning and evening without fail. Morning being a thin layer, with the evening layering being nice and thick so it can soak in (as long as I don't face plant the pillow). 

It not only sorts out your dry and chapped lips like a boss, but it smells so delicious. Pure Papaya is 100% natural, palm oil free and vegan and well worth picking up. The texture is so silky smooth (which I think is down to the Shea butter and macadamia oil) my lips just lap it up and seem to love this beauty of a product. 

Sun damage is a massive factor in ageing skin which is something I really want to slow down as much as possible. Now it's only really been this year that I've taken SPF seriously, and now I apply it religiously no matter what the weather, place or day I have ahead. Before using this I hadn't a clue what Broad Spectrum meant. So this is for you guys out there who are like me. Broad Spectrum SPF will protect you from both UVA and UVB. UVA rays are the nasties that will age you, and give you wrinkles and age spots. NO THANK YOU. And UVB are the nasties that will burn your skin with over exposure and no protection can lead to cancer. 

This SPF is honestly so great!I could rave about it over and over. I apply it right at the end of my routine, brush my teeth, apply my Pure Papaya Lip and I'm good to get cracking on with applying my makeup. It acts as a great base more often going straight ahead with my base product of choice without using a primer, and for me works a treat. 

These two bad boys come as a pair, and work together perfectly. The Barrier Defense Booster which helps to nourish skin, relieving dryness and strengthens the barrier for future irritation, can be used as a stand alone product or mixed in with your moisturiser. I personally really enjoy mixing it in. I couldn't tell you why but I just do. 

I sent over a message to Dermalogica when my skin first decided to turn as dry as sand paper, asking for their advice and recommendations and this was what they recommended. I don't think I'll ever stop using this product because I really believe it's one of the main things that's helped me out the most. When mixed with the Dynamic Skin Recovery the concoction smooths over your skin and sinks in like a dream, almost instantly softening up any dry areas. 

An extra step to add in some hydration that my skin always needs. This product helps to shield your skin against environmental stress and locks in moisture for lasting hydration. I apply this step before my moisturiser and after serum. This cream is another product I feel thats really helped with my really bad patch, and find again my skin drinks it up good and proper. 

These two beauties have only been in my life for just over a month now, and you know when you just know. 

I use the Superfuit Extract Serum in the morning, which has a thick texture and iridescent sheen which is oh so pretty. The smell is delicious, good enough to eat and glides across your skin in a silk like fashion. As soon as I incorporated this into my routine I noticed a difference in my skin. It claims to "help protect against dryness caused by environmental damage" which as you know dryness is a main concern of mine. Anything I can get hold of to help with the dryness of my skin I nab, and this with everything else I have going on is working. 

Now, along with my dryness, I've been having issues with my overall texture to my skin. I think because it gets so aggravated due to the dryness, the rest of my skin kicks off and get just general irritation and uneven texture. I can't say I've noticed anything specific that this product has helped with, but it feels great when you apply it and the following morning your skin feels super smooth. 

Having already published a post a while ago declaring my love for Glossier, seeing this product in the line-up shouldn't be a surprise to most of you. Although having said that, the Milky Jelly Cleanser is normally the skincare hero from the brand. This exfoliating toner is supposed to of course exfoliate, but removes the dead skin cells which can clog up healthy skin. After time it should help to smooth out the skin, with claims on how your skin should be looking clearing displayed boldly on the website as guidance. 

As a skincare enthusiast, I watch countless videos weekly on skincare. Different peoples product reviews and routines etc, so have heard a lot about acids and how good they are for your skin. This exfoliating toner contains a "10% blend of three acid groups: Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), and Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA)", and my skin loves it! In general I'm a fan of acid toners anyway, and have obviously given the Pixi Glow Tonic a whirl. Why have I picked this over the Pixi one, is it weird that I prefer the smell and the dispenser which makes me reach for this one more? With focus on the product, I find my skin reacts better to the Glossier Solution more than the Pixi, and see more results in a short space of time. 

Dermalogica | Special Cleansing Gel ~

This cleanser is up there for me as one of my favourite cleansers ever, and the amount of cleansers I've tried over the years is a number I'd like to keep to myself. My skin is highly sensitive to change and particular products, so I had everything crossed when I first tried it out for the first time. 

The fact this cleanser is a gel is a big win for me. It helps to sooth my skin as well as clean it. Rinsing away any toxins in the skin in a super gentle way that can be followed daily, this cleanser is multi award winning for a reason and it would certainly get an award from me. It simply just does the job it says it will do and doesn't disappoint. There isn't much of a scent, but a fresh smell and feeling which feels great. My skin doesn't feel dry after using it as it helps to keep your natural moisture in the skin. 

Now this products is basically big brother to my final product in my skincare routine. 

Dermalogica | Precleanse ~

Waterproof smwaterproof, honestly this pre cleanse product is a must for getting off all that makeup leaving a clean face to cleanse and actually clean the skin. It's so good at breaking down any makeup I wear, even taking off tattoo eyeliner which is 24hr smudge proof. This bad boy means business, and use it all over my face and neck including directly on my eyes. 

Before this was introduced to me I never used a product specifically for pre cleansing. I occasionally dabbled in the double cleanse thing instead of taking my makeup off with cotton pads and micellar water. Now this is firmly in the routine I won't ever be skipping this step thats for sure. 

So that's my winter skincare update for you gorge guys and gals. 

If you're a long time reader of the blog (then thank you so so so much and I love you) you'll be aware that I'll only share my 100% true thoughts on products. So if you are interested in any of the above, please do comment or message me on social media if you have any more detailed questions about them. I always love chatting to you guys!

Have a wonderful Christmas if I don't speak to you guys again before the big day.


Thursday, June 28, 2018

Cruelty Free Beauty | Brands and Product Favourites

Good day beauties!

So, you guys have been messaging me here, there and everywhere about sharing my top cruelty free beauty products and brands with you. 

And because my cruelty free living post did so well, guess what you guys have today? 

You've guessed right! And I'm super happy to share with you some top beauty products and brands I reach for, but first I'd like to just share with you why going cruelty free is good. 

For me, having a cruelty free lifestyle means not using anything containing animals or their by-products, or using products where animals have been mistreated and used for testing them, and is the way I wish I had chosen to live my life a long time ago. Make up and skincare are products are materialistic in my eyes. We want these things and like them, so I think it's so unfair for innocent animals to be used, killed, kept in awful conditions and tested on against their will just so we could have that new mascara. There's just no need for it in my eyes which is why I've chosen to be cruelty free with my beauty and living products (just a bit of background for ya). 

Anyway, before I go on a tangent, let's get sharing some amazing brands that care about animals and conduct no animal cruelty. Whoop whoop! 

I thought we'd start with eyeshadow, and my go to palettes that I find myself using and loving over and over again. 

I'm going to put it out there and declare my love for Revolution Beauty. The mother ship that has the likes of Makeup Revolution, Makeup Obsession and more. The affordability of their products, the pay off you get from the shadows, and the quick turn around of products (with new ones being released all the time) it's just fab! Pictured are just three of my fav palettes from the Revolution Beauty family, Sophie Does Nails palette, Chocolate palette and the create your own Makeup Obsession palette. Honestly if you're thinking about transitioning to a more cruelty free beauty life, the Revolution Beauty family are the guys to hit up for an affordable transition. 

Also in my most reached for is the Kat Von D 'Shade and Light' palette, Pixi miniature shimmers palette, the Smashbox palette and a duo 3INA shadow. Now the Kat Von D palette isn't the cheapest thing around that's cruelty free, but the peach shade (top right) is my most fav peach shadow ever! And I often find myself using the brown to the left of it for my contour, so it can be pretty versatile. 

The Smashbox, Pixi and 3ina palettes are small so great for travelling, and all three have great payoff and lasting qualities. Whenever I wear the copper or raspberry shade from the Smashbox palette, I get so many compliments andddddd it lasts for so long! 

In short, all the palettes and shadows above are from cruelty free brands, mixed in price range and are all excellent value for money. Offering brilliant payoff, blendability and value. 

I can be a little picky when it comes to mascara, and in my time of being cruelty free I've honestly tried so many. Everyone is out to find the BEST mascara out there aren't they, and these three are my fav out of all the ones I've tested in the last couple of years. 

For a daily mascara I reach for the Glo&Ray as it adds length, volume and isn't too much of a heavy consistency. It's my chuck it on and run out the door mascara as it doesn't fail to give me the boost my eyes need on an everyday basis. 

When I'm really wanting my lashes to be super long, separated and fluttery I hit up my pink Glossier babe. This is pretty new on the market so I've not had it long, but it was love at first use. No smudges, no black bits at the top of your lid, and separates your lashes so beautifully. I find it's not great to build up, so one coat applied quickly does the trick and won't budge. 

On the other side of mascara life. The dramatic, built up, intense lash is where the 3INA Lengthening Mascara comes in. This bad boy is cracked out when I want some drama, and with it being so great to layer you can really get your lashes looking intense. 

Brows are my thing, and would rather leave the house with my brows done over anything else. The NYX Eyebrow Gel is one of my ultimate favs for a strong brow (preferably when you have some time to spend on them) along with the NYX Tint. The only downside there is with this product is that you need a bit of time to work with it, as it's not the quickest product to use but has fab results for a strong brow. 

My quick brow friends are Glossier Boy Brow which gives that model brushed through bushy brow you see in magazines. If I fancy having my brows a little heavier than Boy Brow then the Glo&Ray Brow Pencil and Browcote does an awesome job. 

Now I'm going to be honest with you. Gone are the days where I wear heavy winged liner and things like that. But when I fancy a little summink, these are the guys I grab out of my stash. For a liquid winged liner I rotate between my Glo&Ray and 3INA ones. They're both epic liners and last for the entire day without rubbing off and all that jazz, which is always what I want from a liquid liner. 

I pop the shimmer pencil Glo&Ray liner in the inner of my eye, or underneath the bottom lash line to jazz up my eye look. This of course isn't a daily thing as who has time for that in the morning????

"It's all about that base, bout the base"

If you've followed me for a while you'll know that I love having a light base, and then if I have a blemish to go in with concealer. (Revolution Concealer) My skin is so sensitive when loaded with makeup so the lighter the better really. 

Let's start with the lightest base I use on a daily work basis, which is the Glossier Skin Tint. It gives such a nice flush of colour and glow, without it being caked on and clutching to dry patches. It's just a lovely tint and manages to cover some redness which is a massive plus, and where my next light base product comes in. Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue offers a heavier coverage compared to Glossier, but is still a light base. It manages to cover more and isn't as glow intense. 

For a flawless face every time I use the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops. They are wonderful to use! And it took so long for me to try it, but I'm so happy I have it in my life now. I apply it with my beauty sponge and gives me such a beautiful base, where I don't need concealer really. 

*We're nearly at the end guys, stay with me babes*

I'm a little bit of a lip balm addict, and will never turn down buying a new release as my lips can get so crazy chapped and dry. A handbag isn't complete without a lip balm for on-the- go use. 

Now, you're probably sick of seeing so many Glossier products but if I were to tell you one thing you should get from them, its . This cherry one is my most used and favourite of all. The scent, the slight red tint it leaves and the lasting moisture it gives your lips.... to me, this is exactly what you want in a lip balm. 

Getting a little funky now with MyMood and their bullet lip balm in I'm Shook! It's cute, small and convenient to carry around and makes my lips super duper smooth. As much as I love the Glossier one, I do reach for this MyMood one when I'm leaving the house as I'm a little bit of a germaphobe and would prefer to apply from a bullet when I'm out and not my finger. 

Here come the big guns. It's onto the lips (one of my personal beauty addictions). 

I have so many lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, lip stains and the list goes on. It was easy to grab my most used but I have way more I would love to share with you. But we'll leave that for another day. 

Liquid lipsticks are my ultimate fav and even when I don't apply them thick and opaque, I like to put a few dabs of it onto my lips and blend out with my finger, giving a more light everyday lip look. Even when I go for the lighter look, I use Lipcote to lock in the colour for longer. It's an old favourite of mine and my mum's, and has been around for years because of how great it is. 

So, here's my most used lip products right now. In no particular order may I add. 

Liquid lipsticks used frequently and loved for their lasting power and beautiful shades include 3INA for when I'm feeling a bright pink vibe. It especially looks great applied thinly with some balm on top. Both the Smashbox and Revolution Pro liquid lipsticks are basically the same shades, with the Revolution Pro one being slightly darker. It really falls down to what one I see first as I love them both the same. When applied thickly, they both last for an entire day! They are literally incredible. The last liquid lipstick is a Kat Von D in Lovesick; one purely for the shade as it's super pretty and my spring/summer must have, and two its really comfortable to wear and lasts through eating. 

On to the more traditional style of lipsticks, firstly with Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red. This is the most stunning and traditional red lipsticks. All of the matte lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury are long wearing and the packaging is stunning. The Glo&Ray lipsticks are  much more affordable in comparison to Charlotte Tilbury ones, and give just as good longevity. They carry more of a variety of vibrant colours, with the packing very sleek and thin which is perfect to have in your handbag. 

Phew..... wipes brow.

We're done!

That was probably the longest post ever, but I really hope it's been helpful to share with you the brands I buy from and products I love that are all cruelty free. 

I've tried my best to link everything I've mentioned (with some links being affiliate). And if you have any questions about cruelty free beauty, please send them my way.


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

For The Love Of Cucumbers and Skincare

AD with Yes To

Good morning and happy National Cucumber Day!

I love cucumbers! There, I said it. I like to eat them, drink them in juices and smoothies, and even like them in my skincare routine.

Over the last couple of months I've really struggled with my skin. Getting hard lumps under the skin, and rash like breakouts that were super persistent and refused to die down. I thought about whether or not I was using too many different products and clogging up my skin, or it was just down to stress or something. All I knew was that I had to give something a go and hope for it to work it's magic on my problem skin as it was getting me down.

What a day to share my love of cucumbers and my love of the Yes To Cucumber range with you cuties. Make yourself a cheese (vegan cheese if you're like myself) and cucumber sandwich and take a read about a range you'll want try! 

It may shock you to see an entire range made with cucumbers, but it's actually a pretty amazing vegetable when it comes to your skin. 

* Treats acne, lines and wrinkles
* Gives some sun protection 
* Can help to remove fake tan and can whiten skin 
* Heals scars 
* Tones the skin 

Having already been a fan of Yes To and this Cucumber range, using these products over a year ago and loving them, I was more than happy when I was asked to try out the range again and share my findings with you lovely lot who might be in the same position as me!

For the purpose of really giving this range another proper go, I locked away all other products I'd been trying out and using. I also stopped popping/attacking my breakouts, which was so hard to do as when I see one I've gotta get it! 

I'm not a fan of facial wipes at all, and follow the rule from Caroline Hirons "they're for fannies, festivals and flights". I just find that they dry my skin out and prefer to take makeup off the good old way. Having said this, I did give them a go every now and again when I was just too sleepy to wash my face, and they weren't bad. A little drying but, they did make my face feel super clean and fresh when used in the morning. They won't be featuring in my permanent skincare routine, but will most definitely be kept for trips, holidays and all that. P.S, the small packet is perfect for your handbag. 

The cleanser is perfectly described as gentle and works a treat to take off my daily natural makeup looks, and doesn't aggravate my breakouts at all. My face doesn't automatically go red, which it does after using other brands. Followed by the cleansing water on a cotton pad to ensure that every last bit of makeup is off the face, it really does make you feel so fresh and so clean *anyone else go straight into singing the song? "So fresh and so clean clean". 

Using my ring fingers I applied the eye gel underneath the eyes and just underneath the eyebrows. As a women of 30 (yeah I know, I'm sobbing right now just saying it out loud to myself) I should be using an eye cream or gel of some sort. It was really nice to use and was even better when I kept it in the fridge overnight to use in the morning. Twas a right treat. 

Now, on to the masks.

Yes To have come out with some awesome mask options which I have to say, I'm a huge fan of them all. As someone who is very consistent with using a mask every other day, I felt like a kid in a candy shop as there's so many to choose from. 

They all did a wonderful job at smoothing out my skin, calming down redness and helping to detoxify. There was no extra hard scrubbing when it came to removing any of the paste/hard setting masks, as they were surprisingly easy to remove. 

With so many to choose from, there's one for everyone. If you're not a fan of the mud/clay mask go for a sheet mask. If its under eye masks you're after, then no problem they're available too. 

After some time trying this range out I can honestly say that it does wonders with acne/blemish prone skin. It's really calmed mine down and reduced the amount of aggravated patches on my face. I'll be putting the wipes away in a drawer for, as I said fannies, festivals, and flights. But, when it comes to the rest of the products, they'll be sticking around for sure. 

If I had to pick my fav product out of them all it would have to be the DIY powder to clay mask. Not only did it give me super soft skin that was calm and really reduced my crazy red patches, but it was so fun to use and came with a tiny cardboard dish and a tiny spatula to stir it with. So extra and I loved it!

Do you have aggravated, red, acne prone skin? Give this range a go and see how you get on!